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Current Classes

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, the store will not be able to teach classes in the store due to social distancing requirements for some time.  We are creating class kits (see below) that will be available via pick-up or mail for you to complete at home.  Information on ordering is below the pictures of the currently available kits.  Thank you for your support!

Floral Beauties – $15   Instruction Sheet

Sketchy Flowers – $15   Instruction Sheet

February 2021 Christmas Class – $15   Instruction Sheet

Flutter Cards – $15   Instruction Sheet

Support A Rescue February Kit – $15  Instruction Sheet

100% of kit fee goes to Another Chance Animal Rescue

Retro Flowers – $15    Instruction Sheet

January 2021 Christmas Class – $15   Instruction Sheet

Black and Red Together – $15   Instruction Sheet

Valentine Love – $15   Instruction Sheet

Corner Creations – $15   Instruction Sheet

Aster Explosion – $15   Instruction Sheet

Eucalyptus Dreaming – $15   Instruction Sheet

Spread Joy – $15   Instruction Sheet

Ice Cream is the Answer – $15  Instruction Sheet

Flowers and Butterflies – $15   Instruction Sheet

Sympathy Cards – $15   Instruction Sheet

Wild Roses – $15 (class kit)  Instruction Sheet

Celebrate Florals – $15 (class kit)   Instruction Sheet

Fun Chicks Class – $15 (class kit)  Instruction Sheet

Silhouette Scenery Cards – $15 (class kit)  Instruction Sheet

Sunflower Hello – $15 (class kit)  Instruction Sheet

Flower Girls 1 – $15 (class kit)  Instruction Sheet

Flower Fun – $15 (class kit)  Instruction Sheet

Penny Black Critters – $15 (class kit)  Instruction Sheet

Crazy Cosmos – $15 (class kit)  Instruction Sheet

Dandy Day – $15 (class kit)  Instruction Sheet

Hummingbird Hello – $15 (class kit)  Instruction Sheet

Pink Magnolias 1 – $15 (class kit)    Instruction Sheet

Dolphin Splash – $15 (class kit)   Instruction Sheet

Flying High – $15 (class kit)   Instruction Sheet

Bamboo Roses – $15 (class kit)   Instruction Sheet

Gnomaste – $15 (class kit)    Instruction Sheet

Renke Bright Florals – $25 (class kit)    Instruction Sheet

Hydrangea Splendor – $15 (class kit)     Instruction Sheet

Up and Away – $15 (class kit)     Instruction Sheet

Renke Spring Flowers – $25 (class kit)      Instruction Sheet

Birds of a Feather – $15 (class kit)    Instruction Sheet

Critter Celebration – $15 (class kit)     Instruction Sheet

Fun Bunny Cards – $15 (class kit)     Instruction Sheet

Harmony Flowers – $15 (class kit)     Instruction Sheet

Happy House Mouse Cards – $15 (class kit)    Instruction Sheet

Exquisite Daisies – $15 (class kit)    Instruction Sheet

Bundle Girl with Flowers – $15 (class kit)   Instruction Sheet

Class Kit Information:

Class kits contain everything you need to put the cards together with the exception of coloring materials and basic tape or glue to layer the parts together.  All stamping is done for you.  We are adding foam dots and glue dots as needed.  If you are not a regular customer, you can email me at to order.

Postage – We charge actual postage to ship items.  In general, 2 kits will ship for $3.00 and 3-4 kits will ship for $4.00 (new rates with USPS effective 10/18/20).

Thanks for your support!  These are challenging times – we need to all stay safe to protect each other.